How to use Action! by Mirillis the right way

Action! by Mirillis is said to be the ultimate screen and game recorder.

In a few words, this tool is intended for gameplay recording, and maybe, for other screen recording purposes.

It has a complex interface, which might prove somewhat difficult to get used to. But when you do, you’ll see Action! Mirillis is equipped with many advanced features for high-quality videos (some more details about this later on).

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Action! Mirillis – What are its main uses?

Due to advanced functions, Action Mirillis is a suitable tool for recording gameplay. But it can also be used for adjacent tasks such as:

  • creating video tutorials (be it website building, setting up marketing campaigns, teaching people how to use a program, etc.)
  • recording videos on your device (if you cannot watch them at the established date and time and you want to watch them later)
  • streaming video/audio (there’s even an option to schedule screen recording during a certain amount of time, or from a certain start hour to a certain end hour)
  • creating podcasts (yes, even podcasts, if you only want to record audio clips on your computer).

Video quality

This tool allows for creating high quality videos, due to features for experts that adjust:

  • fps (frames per second) – this unit is responsible for how smooth the video is. The higher the number of frames per second, the smoother the video will be. Action! by Mirillis ensures no fps loss be possible during the screen recording. The options are: 15, 20, 24, 25, 30, 50, 60, 120, 144, 240 frames per second. However, beware that the more frames per second you set for your screen recording, the bigger the size of the video file will be in the end.
  • cpu – this tool has no impediments to CPU usage.
  • full HD – the software permits screen recording at full HD, ensuring maximum clarity and accuracy of the visuals in the video file.
  • bitrate – the higher the bitrate, the higher the quality of the final video. With Action! by Mirillis, you can adjust the bitrate for your videos.

33% OFF

Action! Mirillis 33% OFF

Action! Mirillis 33% OFF

Action! Mirillis DIscount : One of the most popular choices for gameplay recording software, with a 33% OFF discount this month.

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Action! Mirillis – General options

The tool is a good choice for a number of different actions, such as:

  • video – recording anything that happens on the screen;
  • audio – recording audio clips from a number of different devices (microphone, system audio, etc.);
  • screen capture – this is useful for simple screenshots you’ll want to add to a presentation;
  • streaming video;
  • mouse clicks – it records mouse clicks in your video file (mouse clicks might be an important part of a video demonstration);
  • cursor movement – it records cursor (mouse) movements, which, together with mouse clicks, might be an important part of a video demonstration.

Options in the Action! software

For screen recording, it’s important to fix your objectives from the very start, and configure Action! Mirillis the right way.

While recording your screen, you can:

  • capture games (if you plan to record gameplay, you have to correctly adjust the settings for this recording type)
  • capture the whole screen
  • capture one part of the screen
  • capture web camera

You can set the video dimensions and select the number of frames per second you’ll want to use while recording.

To the video file, you can add audio recording (it records microphone or PC audio system).

After you’ve set the proper configuration, you can press REC to start recording the screen. Or you can use the F9 shortcut.

In the more settings tab, you might further adjust:

  • the video quality (high, normal, low, ultra);
  • the bitrate;
  • enable/disable cursor movement recording and mouse clicks recordings;
  • allowing for audio recording on multiple channels.

The final product can be saved as an MP4 file or an AVI file. Also, with Action! by Mirillis, you have 2 buttons for direct upload to YouTube and Facebook. By pressing these buttons, you already have the video files on the respective channels.

Before deciding to purchase Action! by Mirillis, you have to know well what you’re using it for. Generally, it’s known as a good tool for gameplay recording, and secondly, as a common screen recording tool. It has many advanced features that make it good for games recording, at high-quality level. If those advanced features aren’t particularly necessary, you’d better use some different, better targeted software.

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