Movavi Screen Recorder for Remote Work & Study [2023]

Movavi Screen Recorder – Camtasia alternative for teachers and remote study

With online lessons and distance learning becoming an important part of the educational process, many are seeking for the best products in terms of features and price that can support this status quo. Camtasia continues to be our #1 choice in terms of screen recording software for academics but for those who are looking for Camtasia alternative tools we have a few other recommendations and one of them is Movavi Screen Recorder 2021.

Movavi is known to be one of the best choices for screen recording. We’ve said one of the best especially when we take into consideration the affordable price and available discounts.

Unlike other similar software, it has a simple, intuitive interface, suitable for new users and experimented ones, alike. It has a low to the non-existent learning curve. Also, the interface is formed only of the needed features. Nothing more. And nothing less.

Movavi screen recorder discount– But is it worth the money?

Movavi is representative of solid software with very good features. Nevertheless, it’s lightweight and easy to install for Windows 7/8/10/11. It comes packed with robust features for both screens capturing (screenshot, video) and editing files.

Along with a 15% OFF Movavi Screen Recorder discount, you can have a complete, feature-packed program that has all the basic screen recording features plus some extra features that you can only find in other screen recording software such as Camtasia 2022.

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Movavi Screen Recorder – Extra features that teachers love using

Setting a specific duration for recording the screen or setting a time to start/time to finish the screen recording session

If you cannot be at the computer and you want to record the screen, you can schedule the video using this feature. It’s useful if you want to record an online training course or a live demonstration that you’ll want to watch later. You can even set the computer to shut down after the screen recording is finished.

Showing/highlighting the cursor

This feature is useful when you make online presentations of a program or training courses to teach your students how to perform a certain task.

You can show the cursor move and even highlight its movements on the screen, for more effective demonstrations.

Adding a specific sound for clicks

This adds a plus of interactivity and better show people what tasks you are performing during your demonstration. The option might be well paired with audio, where you can explain what you’re doing and help viewers keep in mind the steps to follow.

Showing the keyboard

For extensive explanations, you also have the option to show the keyboard to your students. This is useful for a complete presentation of the steps to follow in using a program or presenting shortcuts you’re using for rapid maneuvering of the program.

Recording in Full HD 1080p up to 60 frames per second of your computer screen

Movavi screen recorder ranks well among the top screen recorders because of the quality of videos, as well. It records up to 60 frames per second and at a high resolution. This makes the videos look much like the original, and have accuracy, and clarity to the highest level.

Recording audio from a microphone, the system sound, or adding external audio clips

Unlike other software, Movavi allows for recording audio from 3 different sources, as mentioned above. It’s useful for recording Skype calls, online training sessions, etc.

Movavi has advanced options such as video stabilization, slow motion, and green screen effects (chroma) to replace the background with an image.

Useful and comfortable as it is for beginners, Movavi also has advanced features that make it the best choice for professional users. Video stabilization, slow motion, or green screen effects are invaluable for experimented users that want to produce high-level video files.

Don’t miss the chance to get Movavi screen recorder. It’s worth purchasing it and using it for simple, yet professional, memorable videos.

Is Movavi Screen Recorder an alternative to Camtasia 2022?

Yes, Movavi screen recorder represents a viable option, especially for K12 teachers who don’t want to spend a fortune on buying a screen recording software but still need the tool to perform basic but also more complex tasks.

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