Camtasia 2022 – What’s New

Techsmith Camtasia 2022 was released on June 8, 2022.

Here’s what you can expect as additional features of Camtasia 2022 new software edition:

The new version includes:

Camtasia 2022 = Improved Video Editing

Motion Blur Effect
Instantly make effects and movement feel smoother with the new Motion Blur effect

Corner Rounding Effect
Smooth out sharp corners on your media and instantly round all or individual corners

Lottie (JSON) Support
Import LOTTIE animation files from other applications into Camtasia 2021

Customizable media clips
One of the most popular features in Camtasia is the wide range of media clips and elements that can be added to created videos and easily customized in their properties. In this new version, it is now possible to create your own elements with such easily customizable properties, which is especially important when it comes to branding and working in a team.

General workflow and performance improvements

Overall, numerous workflow and performance improvements have also been made to make it even easier for users to work with Camtasia on a daily basis, alone or in a team.

Custom assets for you and your team
Expanded control and customization of video assets through Quick Properties.

Fast Editing: Proxy Video
In order to display and edit large and high-resolution videos smoothly, Camtasia 2021 now offers the option to use proxy video. These temporary copies can be edited quickly due to their low data volume, and are then returned to the original HQ recording.

Improved representation of grouped assets
“Groups” have long been a proven way in Camtasia to organize sections and items on the Timeline. Instead of expanding them directly on the Timeline as before, groups in Camtasia 2021 are now displayed in their own tabs when opened, allowing you to open multiple groups at once. This is especially useful for complex and nested elements.

Clear organization and sharing: Standalone project files
All files used for a specific video project are now combined into a single, central project file. This can be quickly shared with colleagues, transferred to another computer, or archived.

Audio effects

Emphasize Audio Effect
Quickly mix background music and spoken commentary: Drag and drop it onto the clip whose audio you want to highlight, and it automatically adjusts the volume.

VU Audio Meter in Editor (Windows) 
Get a visual readout of your audio volume levels right in the editor

Share Narration to TechSmith Audiate 
Quickly pass audio narration back and forth with TechSmith Audiate for detailed editing and improving the sound of your recording.

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