Online Teaching

The shift to online teaching through asynchronous learning

Asynchronous versus synchronous learning

For most of the teachers who have never gave a course online, the COVID-19 lockdown of schools pushed them to make a quick transition to online teaching. For the majority this translated into giving lessons through platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet.

This is what most would call –  synchronous learning – as it tries to reproduce the face-to-face learning in online spaces.

Synchronous courses limit important aspects of learning such as: interactions& forcing learning at the same pace which eventually results into frustrations and not achieving the course objective entirely.

In asynchronous learning, lessons and lectures are given via pre-recorded videos. Students watch the videos in their own time with the option of playing back the video as many times as it is needed.

Asynchronous learning also allows students to better interact with course content through conversations with their peers, quizzes embedded directly in the course videos, and more.

Meanwhile, instructors can measure student engagement with the content through quiz results, and video analytics (such as who watched and for how long, etc.) Plus, by assigning points to watching videos, instructors can give more incentive to watch and pay attention. Students main benefit is being able to learn on their own pace eliminating the frustrations that may arise during a live Zoom lecture.

Screen recording software for your lectures

The first step is to select the best screen recorder tool for asynchronous lecture capture. Here’s the our top 3 picks according to our screen recording comparison.

Camtasia 2021: The software is easy to use by experts, but also easy to learn and get used to by novices. Techsmith provides plenty of explanatory materials, how-to’s, demos and documentations to make teachers’ life easier.

Movavi Screen Recorder: Unlike other similar software, it has a simple, intuitive interface, suitable for new users and experimented ones, alike. It has a low to non-existent learning curve. Also, the interface is formed only of the needed features.

Screencast-O-Matic: This online screen recording tool adds visual hints to your cursor, making this a great tool for creating tutorials.

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