Mirillis Action! – Ready for Windows 11

The Mirillis team has launched earlier this month Action! 4.20.1 , one of the last updates before Action 5 is released and it is already Windows 11 compatible.

Mirillis Action! has added a top notch feature that allows recording audio from selected applications (not including any other sounds from other applications or operating system).This feature is not available in any other recording software/hardware and allows to split audio from multiple applications into separate audio tracks in real-time.

Mirillis also announced the upcoming launch of their AI Virtual Camera, an alternative to Nvidia Broadcast AI camera processing engine. But it will be available for all CPUs and GPUs (not only for high-end and expensive Nvidia RTX). With Mirillis AI Virtual Camera, you will be able to remove camera background and replace it with any picture or video. Additional effects will also be available (blur etc.).

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