Best Online Screen Recorders for Chrome [updated 2023]

A screen recorder should start with a simple push of a button, not to hinder your computer performance at all, and to help you capture the best moments when you are in a game or work session. The most important highlights could be captured with the help of this type of software, so it is very important to know what you are working with. 

In today’s article, we will present the best online screen recorders for Google Chrome that have never disappointed us.

1. Best Online Screen Recorder Chrome : Screencastify

Screencastify can be a lot of things but it is mainly used as a Recorder and as an editing tool. Lets see what it can do. The files are instantly saved in your Google Drive after you record the entire screen or a specific tab. The video can then be shared immediately via Google Drive, uploaded to YouTube, or exported as an MP4 or GIF.

Screencastify can also capture video from your webcam, which you can position anywhere on the screen. It even captures voice through the microphone, allowing you to narrate the entire film. Because Screencastify does not keep your recorded data, you own whatever you record. The annotation features in Screencastify are a fantastic addition to the software. With the Drawing Pen tool, you may draw on the screen, which is a useful tool for on-screen explanations.

2. Best Online Screen Recorder Chrome: FireShot

With a simple click, you may rapidly create or record movies from your computer browser. Screen capture, webcam recording, and audio recording video files can be imported from both mobile and desktop devices.

Clips can be edited, cropped, and text can be added to any portion of the video. Add as many tracks as you like, as well as background music, narration, clip settings, and markup. Insert cards at the beginning and end of the video.

Videos can be exported to Google Drive, Youtube, Vimeo, and Google Classroom. Videos can be embedded on a website or shared on social media.

Set a date for the shared video link to expire and share videos with password protection. On the analytics dashboard, you can see real-time video engagement.

3. Best Online Screen Recorder Chrome: Kami for Chrome

Being a tool that was mainly created for teachers, and to be used in certain circumstances like a school from home or work from home, we will talk about the main advantages that Kami brought to the table in such a needy time. What we enjoy best is how well it integrates with Chrome (on our Chromebooks). Teachers adore being able to assign PDFs and have Kami assist students in interacting with them.

Kami has been a godsend during virtual education; I’m not sure how I would have managed without her. When things get back to normal, I’ll still be virtually entirely paperless. This is a lifesaver in the event of a pandemic. It’s a simple way to send resources to students and a terrific way to communicate with them, especially when asynchronous learning is used. 

Kami also has some issues in regards to the writing tools which are meant to be used by students that own a pen tablet. For pupils who do not have pen tablets, the writing tools are difficult…however, they can upload images of their work, which compensates for this. The difficulty is that they don’t know how to accomplish it.

4. Best Online Screen Recorder Chrome: Awesome Screenshot

Screen capture and annotation are a breeze with Awesome ScreenShot! Awesome Screenshot takes a picture of the entire page on your screen or any piece of it when you click the camera button. You may either paste from your clipboard, drag, and drop, or upload a picture from your computer to your account. Draw lines, text, and shapes to annotate the image. Before downloading or posting the image, crop or obscure away any important information. Save the URL to your account or use it to share it via email, social media, or your website. You can save videos as WebM files and then upload them to YouTube or Google Drive.

Images in the PNG or JPG formats are supported using this program. On the web, you can find Awesome ScreenShot. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and iOS 10.9 and up. It’s also accessible as a Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension. One project, 30 photos, and 30 screen recordings are included with the free account. Drawing (57), editing (79), photos (256), and tutorials are some of the most popular tags (42)

5. Best Online Screen Recorder & Chrome Extension: Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot Capture is a free online screen recorder for Chrome that you can download on your PC or Mac. Install the add-on in your browser and use it to rapidly snap screenshots of your entire workspace or a specific section of it. Use the additional tools to add text, arrows, blur areas of the screen, and more to your screenshot. Nimbus Screenshot Capture now has the ability to record your screen sharing in video format. Save your work to your computer or submit it directly to Google Drive when you’re finished.

For instructions on how to install this tool on classroom PCs, contact your school’s IT department. This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks. Take a screenshot and add details to document research findings instead of taking handwritten notes.

6. Best Online Screen Recorder & Chrome Extension: ApowerRec

A collapsible palette on the right-hand side provides access to a variety of tools for annotating your recordings while they’re being recorded. A paintbrush, highlighter, arrows, shapes, text, and (especially handy for tutorials and presentations) an automatic numbering tool, which we haven’t seen before in screen recording software.

Simply click the undo arrow to delete any annotations. There’s also a whiteboard option for taking longer notes, which turns the background solid color for a short time. ApowerREC also contains a screenshot tool (available within the Tools menu) that allows you to choose a portion of the screen, add annotations and captions, and save or save the resulting image. It’s a well-considered addition.

Last Thought

Fortunately, teachers and all those who are active daily in the learning or teaching environment, whether they are trainers or coaches, have all felt the need to use one of these online screen recorders on their Chrome browser in the last 18 months. You choose the one that suits you. 

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