About us

Top10ScreenRecorders is a web project of Full Moon Marketing Media, an European based performance marketing agency.

Full Moon Marketing was founded in 2018 by native Italian marketing consultant Roberto M Rauti. Leveraging his network of writers, designers, photographers, and videographers, Full Moon became a full-service marketing agency by 2020. 

As a technology publisher we are striving to help consumers make informed decisions before purchasing the apps and software they need for their job or hobby. Our focus is on selecting and reviewing multimedia apps such as video editors, screen recording, live streaming or video tutorials software. Enthusiasts, newbies and professionals can find unbiased reviews and rankings of a wide range of software apps

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The #1 Platform for learning about the best video editing software for both pros and enthusiasts.


Cattura Video Pro

All about screen recording / cattura video tailored for the Italian users.