Top 5 Screen Recorders

Snagit Screen Recording in 5 Easy Steps

Snagit Screen Recording in 5 Easy Steps – Snagit is almost synonym with professional screen recording. It might include a few features for video creation; however, it’s not specialised in professional video making. when it comes to recording computer screen, and even short explanatory videos, it outperforms other software. In short, it has powerful, yet not complex features to use for day-to-day tasks.

Telestream Screenflow 2020

Telestream ScreenFlow – good for vlogging ?

Though ScreenFlow is a very well known screen recorder for Mac exclusively, the software could be a very good choice for vloggers that are also using screencasts on their Youtube channel for specific reasons such as: recording interviews on Skype, app & software demo or tutorials, webcam recording. etc. And that don’t want to use iMovie or FCPX.