When will Snagit 2021 be released?

Snagit 2021

The good news is that this terrible year is about to end soon. The second good news is that the TechSmith team has released the upgraded version of Snagit on October 21!

What’s new with the Snagit 2021 release

Rumours say that the new Snagit 2021 will be even more powerful when it comes to screen recording, templates and graphics. And this is justified by the increased demand in screen recording software answering complex visual communication necessities such as how-to guides, documentation, explanatory videos, etc.

Obviously Camtasia is the #1 screencast software for creating explanatory videos & online tutorials but Snagit is just as good when it comes to shorter recordings and less complex videos in terms of editing.

Top NEW features of Snagit 2021

  • Move Mode for the Simplify Tool
  • Adjustable Templates
  • Improved Themes
  • Offset Magnify
  • Faster Crosshairs
  • Editor Performance Improvements
  • Pen Smoothing

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