Avid Media Composer 2020

professional video camera

A video editing software made for visual artists and film industry professionals.

If you are looking to become a professional video editor, this might be the right tool for you.

It works on both Windows & MacOS.

Integrated workflows for teams.

Minimum requirements:

for Windows:

  • Computer: Avid-qualified Windows-based computer
  • Note: Intel i5 Computers and Laptops are not supported.
  • Memory: 16 GB or more recommended; 32 GB or more when working with UHD or high frame rate media; 8 GB minimum 
  • Additional Notes:
    • Media Composer | First requires a 64-bit Windows operating systems
    • Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise
    • Windows 8.1 Professional and Enterprise
    • Windows 7 Professional (Service Pack 1 only)

for Mac OS

  • Computer: Avid-qualified Apple computers
  • Note: i5 Mac Computers and Laptops are not supported
  • Mac OS X 10.14.5 is now qualified.
  • Memory: 16 GB or more recommended; 32 GB or more when working with UHD or high frame rate media; 8 GB minimum 

“Avid claims the new Media Composer 2020 is both, revolutionary and evolutionary. The goal here is to satisfy longstanding users while attract new users at the same time. Not an easy task, admittedly, but from what you can see in the new version, it really looks pretty promising. Time will tell if performance, compatibility, and ease of use meet that expectation” (cined.com)

“Media Composer 2020.4 is packed with tons of timesaving new features, enhancements, and improvements. Whether you’re working from home, in the studio, or in a remote location, discover the many ways you can simplify, speed up, and extend your creative endeavors”(avid.com) .

According to Avid, most movies and TV shows produced in 2016 were edited in Media Composer. So it’s no surprise that this pro tool has an great steep learning curve. Avid released a scaled-down, free version of this editor called Media Composer | First, which aims to help you learn the Avid techniques for free. Click here to download.

Avid Media Composer | First is a free program, users must create an Avid account to download and set up the program on their Mac or Windows systems. When you launch the program, you get a new dashboard and access to short Getting Started tutorial clips, which are mandatory viewing for new users who want to get started with the system. That’s because Media Composer | First is not intuitive for newcomers, even those familiar with other video editors.

Avid Media Composer is a subscription based software that starts from USD 23.99 a month (1 year subscription). Click here for the pricing plans.

Another cool and unique feature that Media Composer has is the integrated workflow for teams that let your work to be stored into a cloud and to let everyone that have access to it to work,edit, managed it and so on.

Check also our sister website (top10videoeditors.com) about other video editors and free editors.


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Best vlogging software in 2020


Vlogging may seem an easy job, but once you have a camera looking at you, things can get harder in seconds. Considering that you already solved that problem, now you have a lot of raw material, a vlog that has so many pauses, no cuts, no sound adjustments, and the colour grading is not so good as you have seen on other movies made by other vloggers. What are you doing wrong?

Well, talking in front of a camera needs some practice, but what you do with the material after you close the camera? How can you build a good movie or clip using that raw material? This is what we are going to talk about in this article. What is the best video software for vlogging in 2020?

Best vlogging software in 2020 – Adobe Premiere Pro

You can start vlogging as a hobby or satisfy the need for creation, but it can rapidly become your full-time job if you are doing the right things. Because it is a creativity-based occupation, you are the only factor that can influence the final result. First of all, you have to be creative when you are filming or recording your clips, but this is only half of the process. 

The real deal happens when you have to edit those clips in order to have a vlog to publish, a good story to share with everyone. You can do this only if you have very good video software for vlogging. It does not have to be very professional and complicated but you will need some standard tools like voice-overs, cutting ability, trimming sections, and so on. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video software for vlogging in 2020. It has a very intuitive interface, and it will be easy for you to learn how to create the best stories for your vlog.

Why is Adobe Premiere Pro good for vlog editing?

  • This video editor was developed focusing on personal movie creation. It is the perfect editor if you want to create and edit your own story
  • In the vlogging niche, you can take into consideration talking about more than one subject or industry. Adobe Premiere Pro is adaptive and thanks to its features, you can create a movie about anything.
  • It is a Non-Linear editor which means that you can arrange pre-recorded video clips into a nice story with a narrative line.

Best vlogging software in 2020Final Cut Pro X

Many big and famous vloggers are using Final Cut Pro X as their number one video software. They have all the reasons to do so. This editing program is available only on Mac, but for most vloggers and content creators, this is no longer a problem.

Why is it so popular among content creators? Well, if you want to dedicate your whole time to vlogging, prepare yourself for hours and hours of editing daily. Final Cut Pro X can help you save some time thanks to its nature. Editing is faster, the interface is intuitive, and you can get used to it in a short time.

On top of that, some of the best video plugins for vloggers are created for FCPX exclusively.

Why is Final Cut Pro X good for vlog editing?

  • The entire vlog phenomenon or at least a big part of it is happening on YouTube. Final Cut Pro X has a feature that helps you export your video straight to YouTube.
  • It has the best colour correction system at the moment.
  • Most of you would definitely love this: FCPX has an auto-save function. You will never lose progress from now on.

Best vlogging software in 2020Magisto

Probably one of the best vlogging software apps that can be used as an application for mobile devices, Magisto excels in editing videos and pictures that need to be delivered as fast as possible to the targeted audience. This makes Magisto one of the most used editing apps for social media in particular.

Vloggers use it because it is more convenient to edit and publish content directly from their smartphones. You can shoot something with your phone, edit it without importing it on your laptop or PC, and then you can share it or publish it online using your phone again. Not only is it a very professional tool for vlog editing and content management, but it has a very pleasant interface, a very modern look which makes it extraordinarily easy to understand and benefit from.

Why is Magisto good for vlog editing?

  • You can save a lot of time by just editing your video materials or photos directly from your mobile devices.
  • It is very easy to use if you are a beginner.
  • It has a huge stock photo and video library to help you improve the quality of your vlogs

That being said, these are our top 3 recommendations for a vlog editor. We hope that you are ready to start recording and creating your first story. If you need help or more information, do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment down below!

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How To Record Your First Youtube Video

Whether you’re an influencer or not, you most probably have at least one video you want to share with the world. Be it a tutorial, a funny moment with your family or a breathtaking landscape. More and more people are turning to video when searching for almost anything, and Youtube is king.  YouTube has over 1.9 billion monthly active users and they watch a billion hours of video every day. That’s a lot of content!

But what do people use videos for?

  • gain awareness and popularity
  • share information about any subject in dosed bits
  • fight for a cause
  • share their art
  • demonstrate processes step-by-step in a tutorial
  • make product reviews
  • share pointers for playing a game
  • record product reviews
  • explaining software and programs step-by-step
  • record recurring problems with your computer to show tech support
  • share travel impressions
  • create and share tops and world records

The first thing you have to decide is what you will be recording – try to use Youtube to share knowledge, answer questions rather than just describe your business or subject in matter.  Think about how you can contribute to the world.

The best way to create and share a video on Youtube is by using a special recording software which allows you to edit it the way you want.  We have picked some of the best screen recording software you can get for free or by paying a small subscription fee. However, there are some things you should look at when choosing what video capture product to use:

  • Features to record your whole screen, one window, or only specific area
  • Simultaneous microphone and system audio recording
  • Friendly user interface
  • Tools to easily edit the video. Depending on what you need you might want to look for something more complex, with many options and effects.
  • Convenient sharing options

Check out the Top 5 Tools for making Youtube videos

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MotionVFX is a leading producer of templates and plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion.

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MotionVFX is the leading producer of templates and plugins for Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion and Premiere Pro. 

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