MotionVFX Discount, Coupon Codes & Updates | 2020 Special Offers

MotionVFX FPCX plugin

MotionVFX is a leading producer of templates and plugins for Apple Motion, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

This month one can take advantage of a storewide 5% coupon code on all the MotionVFX plugins and templates with the J4NRY promo code.

  • mTransition Scrub30
  • mFreezeFrame Comic
  • mCallouts Specs
  • mLowers Bar
  • mO2 Scenes Pack
  • mO2 Devices Model Pack
  • mLUT Movie
  • mTransition Ink 2
  • mBundle Film
  • mTitle Cinematic

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Movavi Discount Codes | January 2020

Movavi 2019

Black Friday and Cyber-Monday 2019 might be over but this year the software publisher Movavi continues to spoil their customers with generous discount on their best selling apps!

Movavi offers a wide variety of multimedia software programs that help novices and with editing their videos, music, and photos on any platform and any device.

Among the top deals & discount codes that are still available in January 2020 you can find:

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Cyberlink PowerDirector Discount Code – Black Friday 2019

Cyberlink Black Friday 2019

Cyberlink Sale – Great Value for the Power Director 365 [2019] until December 1st, 2019

Great value offer:  Purchase the annual subscription -Cyberlink PowerDirector 365 with a 30% OFF discount!

Apart from all the PowerDirector 17 features you will also gain access to regular free software updates along with unlimited use of premium effects and plugins. Overall you will save $30 per year  ( EUR30 / £30) when deciding to purchase PowerDirector 365.

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Snagit 2020 – Updates & Promo


Snagit is the only screen capture software with built-in advanced image editing and screen recording. The new Snagit 2020 is your shortcut to create visual tutorials, documentation, and how-to guides

What’s New in TechSmith Snagit 2020?

  • Share directly to Slack and Box: Snagit 2020 introduces two new creation tools and enterprise outputs to Slack and Box
  • Create from templates: Use pre-made layouts to create visual documentation, tutorials, and training materials.
  • Create video from images: Talk and draw over a series of screenshots to create a quick “how-to” video or GIF
  • TechSmith Assets for Snagit: Create even better-looking instructional content with an annual subscription to TechSmith Assets for Snagit. A paid subscription gets you access to thousands of stamps, photos, and templates.

Purchase Snagit 2020 Discount: Special price 30% OFF for Snagit Educational

Download Snagit 2020 and enjoy a 15 days free trial

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CyberLink Power Director 2019

CyberLink Power Director is a good alternative to notorious professional video editing tools. 

Before purchasing it, consider the system requirements: CyberLink Power Director works fine with Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS recommended).

Upon purchasing it, take some time to get used to the workspace where you’ll edit your videos. 

Workspace for CyberLink Power Director

Workspace in CyberLink Power Director is quite complex. 

Workspace in CyberLink Power Editor

In the workflow, you’ll have to:

– import the raw video or use the screen recorder to provide the raw video you’ll work with

– edit the video, until it gets the representation you want

 – export the video in a variety of forms, or post it online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

– create disc to burn the video product in 2D or 3D. 

From these steps, the editing video one is the one you’ll spend most time working for. That will be possible using the workspace presented above, so take the time to get acquainted to it and its multiple features. 

Important to note: the workspace includes an audio mixing section (room) and even a voice-over recording section (room). The latter is especially useful for creating online tutorials, where explanations of using a tool or solving a technical issue are essential for users to get a better understanding of what they’re watching.

Creating projects in the workspace

It’s worthwhile to mention that all projects you create in CyberLink Power Director can be saved independently of the original files. So, if you get too creative and changes are too drastical, you can always revert to the original raw file and start over again. 

Latest additions to the tool include 360° Video Projects. That means you can create virtual reality videos and play with infinite possibilities to get users immersed into the video narrative. 

For projects to be saved, you’ll have to use the .pds format, which is exclusive to CyberLink Power Director. 

Editing Media

The editing media modules give you a wide range of possibilities to turn a raw video into an excellent video presentation. It’s suitable for intermediate to professional users, and if you’re a beginner in using a video editing tool, take some time to understand what each function modifies and allows you to do with your videos. 

Some modules included in the editing media section:

  • splitting clips
  • linking/unlinking clips (both video and audio)
  • trimming clips (both video and audio)
  • setting a clip’s duration 
  • stretching and cropping images
  • rotating images and videos
  • changing the shape of media
  • muting or editing audio that’ll accompany the video in a project
  • editing 360° video projects, etc.

A special editing feature: Content Aware Editing.

This feature is particularly useful for those who want a high quality video, not yet having the whole set of skills for video editing at a professional level. Content ware Editing uses partial automation of the process (it automatically generates the best outputted video content for production).

It analyzes the content of the video and identifies the most interesting parts that you should make use of and underline in the presentation. 

Adding Effects to the Video File and Using Transitions

CyberLink Power Director is great for adding effects to the videos you edit. They can turn your raw video into a exquisite piece to watch and engage users, to the point they’ll always gladly return to your channel for more videos. 

Effects of this tool fall into several categories, ranging from simple to complex:

  • basic effects (blending clips on the timeline, video effects, adding pans and zooms on images, using freeze frame effects)
  • pip effects 
  • particle effects (adding objects, images and backgrounds, modifying their position on the timeline, adding motion to particle objects, using particle keyframes, etc.)
  • title effects (here, you can play with customization features for the title of the video). Given that the title is the first element that entices people into watching the video, you should pay special attention to it. Use title effects to make the title trigger people into watching the whole video, and draw their attention towards your content. These effects include: standard 2D effects, 3D title effects, 360° title effects. 

Just as important and specific sequences in the video, transitions have to be carefully addressed. CyberLink Power Director gives you the opportunity to play with transitions and choose the best variants for your videos:

  • you can add transitions to a single clip
  • you can use transitions between two clips
  • you can go more sophisticated in your editing, and start using audio transitions
  • you can modify the transitions settings, so the final product shows what you wanted it to convey
  • you can explore alpha transitions, a complex feature of CyberLink Power Director.

Bonus features

Besides effects and transitions, you can use some bonus features exclusive of CyberLink Power Director:

  • Mixing audio and video recording voice-overs (this is useful for creating online tutorials)
  • Adding chapters (this is useful for creating online pieces that have a longer duration and need being organized in a well-structure and clearly articulated manner)
  • Adding subtitles (this is useful for videos that’ll be presented in professional environments and need to be carefully tweaked and refined to the minutest detail).
  • using CyberLink Power Director plugins (these are modules that extend functionalities of the tool and help you apply extra features to your video editing). The plugins are: MultiCam Designer, Theme Designer, Action Camera Center, AI Style, to name just a few.

As a whole, CyberLink Power Director is a good choice if you plan to start editing videos professionally. Although the learning curve needs to be taken into account, the tool is user-friendly and it comes with much support, to get you started. 

Once you become familiar with the tool interface and its options, editing videos will turn into a smooth process and a pleasant work to do. 

Cyberlink PowerDirector Pricing & Discounts

Cyberlink Sale – Great Value for the Power Director 365

Great value offer: You can purchase Cyberlink PowerDirector 17, for a special price of $4.08 /mo ( AUD 4.08 / £4.08) for the annual subscription -Cyerlink PowerDirector 365. Apart from all the PowerDirector 17 features you will also gain access to regular free software updates along with unlimited use of premium effects and plugins. 

For just $5/month more, you can also get Cyberlink Director Suite 365: the comprehensive 4-in-1 solution for media creators. In addition to PowerDirector 365, you’ll also receive a powerful software suite for photo editing, video color grading & precision audio editing.

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5 Must Have Features your Screen Capture Software Should Offer

When you choose your screen recording and capture software, you should look for some characteristics that make it the best tool for your needs. Think carefully if you need software that’s easy to use or a more complex tool for editing your videos. 

Most of the times, a tool that’s easy to use and gets the job done will do. 

Let’s see what to look for in choosing the screen recording and screen capture software:

  1. Ease of use: the software has to present a user-friendly and intuitive interface. The basic options will be enough for recording your screen and making a video you’ll share with the world. There’s no need to have a cluttered interface, with lots of features you’ll never use. 
  2. The basic features should provide a complete set of options for screen recording: capturing the entire screen, capturing a window, capturing a section of a window and video capture. You might also look for scrolling capture and timer controlled capture, if you want to create advanced presentations and record movements onto the screen into every detail. 
  3. Video editing options: keep it simple, and don’t look for a screen recorder with lots of editing options. After all, you basically want to record the screen for your videos and explanations, and not create top-notch videos. A lot of editing features will only complicate the use of the software. However, keep in mind it’s recommended you choose software that has options for annotations, adding text and shapes and highlighting some parts of the video. This sometimes turns useful for better video tutorials and explanations. 
  4. Saving and exporting videos: it’s important to choose a tool that allows you to save your videos in any format and share it on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. The exporting process is complicated with some tools on the market, that’s why you have to pay attention your selected tool makes the process simple and quick. 
  5. Online storage: in the selection of your screen recorder, you’re recommended to look for a tool that provides online storage with access to your capture history. You’ll want to access the videos at a later time, so this feature should be considered when choosing the best screen recording and capture software. An upgraded plan provides you with large amounts of space for online storage. 

These five aspects contain the basic principles you should take into account for a good choice. Screen recording should be easy and integrate smoothly into your work, so make sure your tool provides exactly that: ease of use and the needed features that make your videos simple to create, simpler to edit and sharable in no time. 

We hope you’ll get the best screen recorder and capture software, and you’ll create a series of videos that users will much appreciate. Both ease of use and utility for users have to be the major points you should consider. Please let us know which tool has been the winner for you and how you experience video recording. 

IceCream Apps – A screen recorder you will love to try

Icecream Screen Recorder is designed to help you record screen in an easy, simple way. It’s a tool with multiple options, complex enough to fit your needs, no matter what you record screen for.

Requirements for using Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream provides a screen recorder software for free, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac and Android.

Before downloading the tool, pay attention to the system requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • MAC: OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X Yosemite
  • Android: 9.0, 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.0, 5.1

Moreover, it’s useful to know that to use Icecream Screen Recorder, you need 2.66Ghz Intel®, AMD or any other compatible processor / faster processor for netbooks, 1GB of RAM (4GB for better performance); 150MB to 5GB of free disk space.

Different Uses of Icecream Screen Recorder

Due to its multiple features, this tool is a good option in the following cases (and not limited to them):

  • Video tutorials – in case you want to share your knowledge with the world, Icecream Screen Recorder helps you create video tutorials that others will find highly useful and more than welcome to perfecting their tasks
  • Webinars – in your niche, you might want to present a series of webinars; nothing simpler, due to Icecream Screen Recorder, who records both your screen and audio presentation
  • Live streams – this tool is useful for live transmissions
  • Record games – Icecream Screen Recorder is easy to use and more that welcome for recording games
  • Record apps
  • Record Skype calls – a professional use of this tool refers to recording Skype calls you might need later to complete your tasks.

As you can see, Icecream Screen Recorder was designed with multiple audiences in mind. Hence the recommendation to download this software goes to everyone wanting to record screen for their particular purposes. For free.

What do multiple features mean for Icecream Screen Recorder?

  • Select area – you might want to record your full screen or else, you might want to select a specific area of your screen and make it part of the video. This tool allows for selecting an area for screen recording, unless you use the default recording of the entire screen
  • Record audio – in case of video tutorials or webinars, you’ll want to add audio explanations to your screen recording, for the clip to be complete. Icecream Screen Recorder has such a feature for recording audio, your voice walking users through the steps they view in the clip
  • Record webcam – besides video and audio, this tool allows for recording webcam. It’s especially useful in case of online meetings with clients, that you want to register for further use in completing your tasks
  • Set video quality – After the recording has been finished, you have to set the quality of the video you’ll share with the world. Depending on the use of the video, you might need a high quality video that people will appreciate and determine them to subscribe to your channel
  • Annotate – you can make comments and attach them to your presentation, by adding text, arrows, and shapes to your screen recording
  • record games
  • Add your logo – for branding reasons, you might want to add your logo to the clip, so it bears the imprint of your company. Thus, the video will be recognized as yours and people can start following you for more videos to come
  • Zoom in – this is an advanced feature that makes your videos look more professional
  • Share the video with the world – besides the default file format, you can use a different format for sharing. After you’ve finished the clip, you can switch to a different file format, any time.
  • Trim recordings – to adjust the quality of your video, you have the option cu cut unnecessary parts in the beginning or at the end of the video, and keep only what’s necessary for your video.

IceCream Screen Recorder Price & Discounts

We hope you have a better idea of what you can do with Icecream Screen Recorder and give it a try if you’re in need of a basic screen recording software.

The free trial comes with a 5 minutes recording limit and the software developer’s watermark. However, for $29.95 you can upgrade to the PRO version of the app and remove all the limitations.

If you’re looking for a more professional screen capture tool we advise you to take a close lookt at Snagit or to the more sophisticated Camtasia.

Screencast-o-Matic: A good Camtasia alternative?


Screencast-o-matic comes in handy for screen recording, no matter what’s the purpose of your video. It was designed with ease of use in mind, so anyone can make a powerful presentation. 

The screen recorder is part of a package that includes Screen Recorder, Video Editor & Video Hosting, plus Secure Backup. 

Let’s focus on the Screen Recorder for now…

What does Screencast-o-matic do?

This tool is ideal for beginners and experts alike, as it covers a full range of features one needs for a video presentation:

  • It records screen and registers every click and move on your device
  • It allows for video editing and helps you eliminate visual errors from your clip
  • It can be easily shared, so anyone can view your video presentation

Screen Recording

  • You can launch screen recording for the visual presentation, and register all clicks onto your device
  • You can add audio to the presentation, as you may want to add explanations of what you’re doing onto the screen. Just use a microphone and your voice will be recorded, as well
  • You can use a camera and record yourself making the presentation, which gives a human touch to the presentation

When launched, Screencats-o-matic will show a window like the one above, and it will record activity within the black and white frame. As you can see, there are a few options limited to only what’s necessary for your video:

  • Screen – it records screen activity
  • Webcam – it records webcam for later visualization
  • Both – it records both screen activity and webcam, for advanced video tutorials
  • Max time – you can set how long the tool will record 
  • Size – you can set the dimensions of the video
  • Narration – it adds audio to the visual presentation
  • Computer audio – it adds audio from your computer

After having finished the recording, you’ll get the following message:

Steps to follow after having recorded device screen:

  • You need to save the  video, for future editing and sharing
  • It’s recommended that you choose to edit video (the options provided by Screencast-o-matic will help you tweak and refine the presentation, for a professional look)
  • After you have done all needed modifications, you can quickly share your video and launch it to the world.

Please note that Screencast-o-matic has a user-friendly interface. It’s a highly intuitive tool with only needed features for an optimal presentation, nothing complex. 

Who is Screencaqst-o-matic intended to?

The tool was designed with the following uses in mind:

  • Video presentations in schools

Video enhances the learning experience, as teachers can record lectures that students might watch later. Also, it helps a lot by exact visual/audio explanations that help students understand and learn fast.

  • Video presentations for companies

Videos are good for presentation within companies. They can pass from one department to another, be used in meetings and connect team members at different geographic locations. 

  • Video presentations for developers

Screen recording helps a lot in spotting errors and solving issues. Screencast-O-Matic provides an E2E screen recording solution for developers. 

These are 3 segments that Screencast-o-matic targets. But you can use the tool for different purposes, as well. 

It has no learning curve, and it’s easy to use. You can create the videos you and others so much need. 

Screencast-o-matic has basic features for screen recording, webcam and audio recording. It doesn’t make screen recording a complicated process, as it strictly provides what’s needed for a complete video. To basic recording, it adds video editing options and sharing options that make the experience not only pleasant, but also highly useful. 

Screencast-o-matic price and promos

The software offers two different options in terms of pricing – De Luxe and Premier – with annual billing.

Although the fairly cheap price is a strength of Screencast-o-matic, if you’re looking for a more professional screen capture tool we advise you to take a close lookt at Snagit or to the more sophisticated Camtasia.